What Is Chinese Poker?

Chinese poker is still known as “Russian poker” or “thirteen” or “thirteen cards”. This game is very popular among communities in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, China and Hong Kong.

What is Chinese poker really? We tell you more here.

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What Are The Rules Of Chinese Poker?

The rules of Chinese poker are very simple. This game had even appeared in 1995 and 1996 among the many events of the World Series Of Poker or WSOP. To play it, you have to be at least two players and four at most. You will need a deck of 52 cards to be dealt in 4 decks. The players must arrange their cards in three different parts. It happens in the following way:

  • a pack of three cards with face down,
  • two packs of five cards,

The technical term used in this context is “hand preparation” . Once the first player is done with preparing their hand, the others should start turning their packs. They start with the top deck and compare it to their opponents.

How Are Points Counted?

In Chinese poker, the counting of points is based on different combinations. Beforehand, the player who has a stronger packet than the other wins a point while the one who has the weaker packet loses a point. That said, the combinations depend on the package. For the top one, for example, there is only one arrangement available: three of a kind . It corresponds to three points.

On the middle pack, you have three combinations namely: the Full, the Square and the Straight Flush . They correspond respectively to two points, eight points and ten points. Finally, on the bottom part, we still find the Square and the Quinte Flush. The first is four points and the second is worth five points.

In addition, each time a player makes an announcement, he gains three points over his opponents, regardless of the type of cards he has. If he rolls a thirteen, he will have thirteen points on each of all the other players.

What Are The Special Figures Of Chinese Poker?

In Chinese poker, you have to think carefully, prepare a strategy and put it in place. So you can play 3win2u online gambling so as to announce several special tricks . The first or figure of six and a half pairs indicates that your hand contains 6 pairs. The figure of the three suites, meanwhile, allows you to do in each package.

With that of the three colors , you can make one color in each of your packages. If finally your hand does not contain any pairs, it will suffice to announce the thirteen.

This is what Chinese poker is and how it works. You can now try your hand at this game if you wish.

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